Happy Thoughts Thursday: End-of-the-week blahs

I know my last post was a bit of a downer. That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling lately, for no good reason. I think it’s partly just being in limbo again. Partly it’s the boredom of this summer. So I’m trying to remember that, contrary to what I might be feeling, some things are going right. (And here we go with more bullets.)

  • Hubby is buying a bike with a child seat installed on the back, and he’s so excited to take Missy for a ride. She’s pretty excited, too, and was thrilled to choose her own helmet.
  • We have a play date! After months of trying and failing to pin down a date with our first friends here, K and her daughter E, we finally have plans to meet up on Sunday! Yay! This might be our last chance to catch up before the arrival of daughter #2, due next month (via surrogate).
  • My sister had hoped to make a trip to Wales in September, but before she could buy a plane ticket, she was in a car accident. She’s okay, but the money she would have spent on her trip is now going to pay the ticket she got and the deductible on her insurance. BUT–she’s more determined than ever to make the trip happen, hopefully in January or February.
  • We received part of the money we were waiting for, and I have officially accepted the quote the shipping company gave us for transporting the embryos. The two clinics have already been in touch and are hopefully finalizing details to ensure clinic A meets clinic B’s standards so that they can accept the embryos. It finally feels like things are moving forward.
  • Missy is just so much fun these days. Her imagination is amazing, her languages are coming right along, and she knows ALL THE SONGS (not that you’d be able to tell because she still whispers them). And–I don’t want to jinx anything here–she’s been sleeping so. much. better. Like, 9-10 hours straight. It’s awesome.

If anyone is still reading this late in the week, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! It’s actually supposed to be sunny and warm here, so we’ll be getting out to enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts Thursday: End-of-the-week blahs

  1. Nice to hear the balancing side of life, but also it is worthy to hear your struggles too – sharing them can be cathartic, and helps us all realize we’re each facing troubles.
    I’m so impressed you are navigating moving embryos across borders – I may have many questions for you in the future, as our frozens are in a different country now too.

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