Doing it wrong #MicroblogMondays

Ever have one of those days when you second-guess every parenting decision you’ve ever made?

  • On potty-training (or lack thereof): the medication that was supposed to make pooping easier only contributes to a) my daughter’s tendency to hold it in–which is proving to be a near-impossible feat of both physical strength and iron will at this point, given the consistency–and b) the raw and bleeding diaper rash that got her sent home from preschool.
  • On extended breastfeeding: the highly anticipated dreaded dropping of the nap time feed turns out to go much more smoothly than expected. Could I have done this months ago?
  • On sleeping through the night: Ha! My nearly-three-year-old continues to wake with the frequency of a newborn, prompting mommy to climb into bed with her out of desperation/exhaustion, thus continuing the vicious cycle.
  • On attempting number 2?: too many thoughts on this. I. just. can’t.

Could be worse, I guess.

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14 thoughts on “Doing it wrong #MicroblogMondays

  1. Yeah, you’re not doing it wrong. Because if you are, then so is everyone else.

    Pottytraining: the usual books and suggestions don’t apply in your case with Missy. Solely because pooping = pain. Because of this, you will take a different approach to potty training, likely needing to work with your pediatrician and also likely focusing on peeing for the time being. It sucks, it’s stressful and I’m sorry. But you’ve got this.

    Extended breastfeeding. If it’s working, then run with it. I do wonder if there might be a connection with the lack of sleep solely for comfort, but it’s just a curiousity. Do what works for you.

    The nighttime wake-ups. I’m not a good person to ask about this as I don’t have a lot of experience. I just know that when they don’t sleep, life can be very miserable for all involved.

    Hugs about jumping back into treatment. That’s a lot.

    • Thanks, Cristy. All this sort of happened last Thursday when she got sent home from preschool. One of the teachers made some comment about potty training as early as possible (in general) and, in my head, it all sort of spiralled from there. I actually cut the dosage of her medication by 3/4, and for the moment, that seems to be working. As for the breastfeeding and sleep, they’re not entirely related because I cut nighttime feeds quite a while ago, but she definitely still wants ME for comfort (as opposed to her dad). All decisions, about just about anything, would be much easier if I was getting more sleep, that’s for sure!

  2. Oh good lord that picture! I don’t doubt that people do really get around like that, somewhere. Here in Ireland I constantly see parents with toddlers in bike seats breaking red lights at speed…
    Good luck with these things: the tiredness just amplifies the stress and makes it ten times worse. I have no advice but send good vibes your way.

  3. Sending a hug! Nothing is easy with kiddos, especially not if you are all tired. But don’t second guess things that are behind you – those choices were made with the best information and best intentions. You are doing your best and you love your daughter. That is what matters.

    • Thank you! I probably should have just titled this post “I need a hug!” As always, my daughter is consistently inconsistent. So the choices I made months or weeks ago are probably outdated by now. She keeps me on my toes!

  4. I question my parenting decisions daily, usually several times per day. And, while it is not a club I enjoy holding membership, my 2 1/2 year old also does not sleep through the night without the comfort of Mommy. He insists my bed is in fact HIS bed and this bad habit all started just so I could get enough sleep to function. And we haven’t begun potty training because he is adamant about not using the big boy potty I bought months ago. So, I don’t have advice but I raise my hand in solidarity! Keep fighting the good fight Momma!

    • I’m sorry because it’s so hard! But I’m also kind of glad I’m not the only one. My daughter will actually sit on the toilet with her potty seat–fully clothed! I’ve started bribing her with marshmallows just to get her to take the diaper off, nevermind actually peeing!

  5. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with the whole constipation issue. If it’s any consolation at all, I know how awful it is. My 6-year-old is STILL on Miralax and gets so backed up the minute we try to lower the dose. I wish I had advice. She used to have AWFUL diaper rashes too for the same reason, but thankfully now that she goes regularly on the potty, that’s no longer an issue we have to deal with. Small blessings and, hopefully, something you can look forward to in the future too.

    • Thanks, friend. It’s awful! And lately, increasing the dosage only leads to more problems. I may have cut it too much, though, because last night she finally pooped after a couple of days of holding it in, and it was a huge ordeal. I wish I could get her to sit on the toilet, but we’re not gaining much ground there, either. So frustrating–for both of us, I’m sure. I just have to keep reminding myself she won’t be in diapers forever.

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