On the {Rails} Again #MicroblogMondays

I’m on the 7:30 am train, the first of three that will eventually get me to the city for a 1:30 pm lining check (after another 40 minutes on the bus). This is the second time in two weeks I’m making this journey solo. The first was for a blood draw. Yes, 11+ hours round-trip for a single vial of blood.

If all goes well today, our transfer should be early next week. We’ll have to go a day early so Hubby can sign the consent form. But we’ll all be together, and it’s now a running joke that maybe we’ll go to the zoo. (We never do.)

I miss my girl. She was still asleep when I left this morning, and she’ll be asleep by the time I get home tonight. This will officially be the longest we’ve been apart. So I’m feeling a bit sad about that, anxious for today’s appointment, and a mixture of hopeful and resigned for what the future may bring.

I will try to read. I have the green, rolling hills, the mist, and countless sheep for company. But mostly I have too much time to think.
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5 thoughts on “On the {Rails} Again #MicroblogMondays

    • Thank you! Yes, at one point we were considering going back to our old clinic, but I suppose a few hours on the train is a bit of an easier commute than a trans-Atlantic flight!

      • Definitely! I still have contacts and collaborations where my embryos are stored, so can make a trip multiply-useful if/when we decide to try for #2. It’ll definitely make the timing more difficult though.

  1. Sometimes we need to have time to think. Sometimes, we don’t want or need the time to think. I hope your journey went smoothly and you had a good book or something to take your mind off the things you don’t want to think about. Good luck for the transfer. And fingers crossed you might get to the zoo!

    • Yes, I definitely feel like I miss out on having that time to myself to think. But I also had a book, and music, and an iPad, for when I wanted to stop all the thinking! It’s a really long day, spending that many hours on trains, but all is going well, so I suppose it’s worth it.

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