I’m right in the middle of a very busy week (Missy’s first week of official public school nursery, Hubby’s 2-day trip to Ireland as an external examiner on a dissertation, meeting a new family for my volunteer work, and of course, my scan on Monday) but wanted to do a quickie update. 

Monday’s appointment was a good news/bad news scenario. My lining looked awesome at a fluffy 10 mm (the minimum requirement to proceed with progesterone and transfer at our clinic is 7 mm). However, because we had transported our embryos in a medium this clinic doesn’t normally use, the thawing medium also had to be imported. Back at the end of June, we were told it could take up to six weeks to arrive. When I asked the nurse to confirm it had arrived–a full nine weeks later–I was told it still wasn’t there, although they were expecting it by the end of the week. So instead of scheduling our transfer for the following Monday, we were once again returned to limboland, waiting for a call from someone who could give us an exact date for the all-important culture medium’s arrival.

That call came today. The thawing medium is now safely in our clinic’s lab, and our new transfer date is Tuesday.  I stop the horrible nasal spray tomorrow evening and commence progesterone pessaries. As of now, the only thing left to-be-determined (assuming at least one of our embryos survives the thaw) is the time of the transfer. Wish us luck!

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