It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Twenty-four hours ago, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t pregnant. Now I find myself wrestling with the hope, fear, happiness, and disbelief that comes with that second line. As I mentioned before, no betas here, so the plan is to test again tomorrow and the next day, hopefully watching that line turn darker and darker. I’ll probably wait until Monday to call our clinic. They recommend testing 15 days after transfer (I can’t imagine anyone actually waits that long!), but I think that’s more of a “don’t give up hope just yet” strategy. I’ll also call my local GP. Chances are, no one locally will do an early ultrasound, but it’s worth asking to avoid another long day of trains and buses with our 3-year-old in tow. I could make the journey by myself again, but if it’s bad news, I really don’t want to find out alone.

14 thoughts on “9dp5dt

  1. Look at that line!!

    I know you’re scared. This period is always the hardest, no matter the news. One day at a time, lady. Today you are pregnant. Grow little one, grow.

  2. Oh, friend. The amount of joy seeing this has brought me is immeasurable. I’m SO happy for you! And so happy I have someone to walk this road with me again. Hoping and praying for a darker line with each test and a wonderful, good-news ultrasound in a few weeks! xo

  3. Yaaaay! Across an ocean and having never met in real life, I teared up seeing this! This is a big first step! Hopefully you can do a local ultrasound, as the commute sounds very tiresome. But with two transferred and no betas, a peek inside would be worth it!

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