Back to life #MicroblogMondays

We spent the holidays in Hubby’s home country, which is always a little weird because it doesn’t feel much like Christmas at all. There are the odd Christmas trees or blow-up Santas, but mostly I have to keep reminding myself of the holiday. We did manage to have Santa visit our hotel room and leave a little something in each of our stockings, including “baby bottles for my babies,” which was the only thing Missy really asked Santa for. As soon as we returned home, I contracted yet another cold, but we did have a small second celebration this past weekend, involving a couple of presents for Missy but nothing close to Christmas dinner, as I had originally planned. And today, Hubby went back to work, Missy went back to school, and I’m back to laundry and dishes and vacuuming (in spite of the lingering cold).

As much as I was looking forward to returning home, getting back to our regular schedule and routines, I have to admit, I’m already starting to miss vacation mode. I felt so relaxed. Someone other than me cleaned up after us for a change. Someone else cooked. We spent time with family, and Missy got to practice her language skills in Hubby’s native tongue. And I had finally gotten over my last cold!

I did manage a bump photo fairly close to when I took the first one during my pregnancy with Missy. Here’s how they compare:

17 weeks 3 days with the Kid

17 weeks with Missy

I thought I would look bigger this time around, but they’re practically identical. I’ve also been feeling a lot of movement, and even Hubby has felt it a couple of times. Next up is our 20 week scan, one week from today. We’ll find out the sex, and hopefully it will get our 2018 off to a positive start.

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