Babywatch 2018 #MicroblogMondays

So, unless you’ve been unplugged all day or living under a rock, you probably know the newest royal baby has arrived. And it’s a boy. We haven’t settled on a name for our boy yet, but I will tell you he will not have the same name as the 5th in line for the throne.

Speaking of our boy, I had a growth scan today, after the sudden spike in belly measurements last week, and baby is measuring right at the 50th percentile. All is looking good, but they want me to have another scan in a couple of weeks, just to be sure he’s staying on track. I have no pics from today’s scan because he was facing my spine, so the ultrasound tech couldn’t get a view of his face. And everything else is starting to be a bit squished in there, so unless I wanted a clear pic of his femur, I was out of luck.

I was also hoping Hubby and I would get a tour of the maternity ward today, but apparently it was full, so we wouldn’t have been able to see much. We’ll try again at a later date. The next appointments we have are two weeks from tomorrow, when we have both the scan and a home visit with the midwife to discuss a birth plan. If we haven’t already met the little guy by then (not that I’m in a hurry! He still doesn’t have a place to sleep!).


6 thoughts on “Babywatch 2018 #MicroblogMondays

    • Yes! I was offered extra scans from early on, but I declined because I didn’t want to feel like a “special” case. Thankfully everything is fine.

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