The Good

This weekend wasn’t all wallowing and reliving the loss of my mother (although there was enough of that).  There were some moments that were good, that made me smile, and occasionally even laugh. All of your kind words and virtual hugs helped me make it through a difficult day.  I don’t know that words exist […]

Getting back to normal–whatever that is.

I’m still exhausted.  I still feel like I’m getting sick.  I did nothing all weekend, actually felt fine yesterday, and today I’ve been sneezing, my throat hurts, and I feel generally bleh. But mentally?  Much better. I think Cristy had a point about the hormone crash (see comments).  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself […]

My Thoughts on an Early Death

Recently, Danish researchers proposed that not having children may shorten your life.  Specifically, that going through IVF and coming out the other side without children, whether biological or adopted, makes you 2-4 times more likely to die an early death.  They looked at over 21,000 couples who were pursuing fertility treatments.  These couples wanted children, […]

Scared Shitless for No Good Reason

Two things: Turns out, my biggest fear regarding international adoption (namely, that a child will be “placed for adoption” without his/her parents’ consent) isn’t just a problem in parts of the world where running water, electricity, and knowing where your next meal is going to come from are luxuries.  I saw this tonight, and I’m […]