April Fool

I hate April Fool’s Day.  Hate it.  I’m not tricky or clever, and I don’t like it when other people try to be.  Don’t get me wrong–it was hilarious when my mom fed my brother chocolate-covered-cubes-of-wax.  But any scenario involving me as the butt of the joke?  No, thanks.  I managed to muddle through yesterday […]


Okay, so my last post may have been a bit hasty in all its woe-is-me-ness.  After that dismal initial frozen sample, the second one was 110,000.  When we went to the clinic for my baseline ultrasound today, Hubby asked for the results of yesterday’s sample.  The nurse had to do a little hunting, but she […]

Bits and Pieces

No, I have not broken into a million of them (yet).  I do have some distractions in my life, at the moment, to keep that from happening: We’re leaving town again.  Hubby’s cousin and his partner (I and S) are traveling cross-country, from California to DC, to get married where it’s actually legal.  I hate […]