Must…click…post. #MicroblogMondays

Four weeks since my last post. I knew it had been a while, but jeez. I’ve been sort of floating in limbo again. In no particular order, the things I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t: My decision to very gradually wean Missy. If she’s fully weaned by the time we’re ready for our […]

Knowns and Unknowns #MicroblogMondays

What we know after the consultation at our new fertility clinic here last week: We have the option of doing a “natural” or medicated FET Our new RE has said the decision to wean or continue breastfeeding is up to me Coordinating the transatlantic shipping of frozen embryos is tricky enough; doing it between a […]

“You’re not going to be one of those mothers who breastfeeds her child ’til she’s seven, are you?”

This was my sister’s not-so-subtle (and slightly sarcastic) way of asking me how long I plan to continue breastfeeding my daughter. It was in response to something like, “Ow, baby! Watch those teeth!” during a nursing session she witnessed via Skype. The answer I gave her was along the lines of “wait til she’s two […]

The Twenty-first Month*

*(Only a week late!) Less than three months until my girl turns two. Crazy, right?! There’s been so much growth this month, I couldn’t let another one go by without documenting it. Every day, my baby becomes a little more independent, a bit more of a big girl. She’s kind of obsessed with getting dressed. […]


She toddles up to me, wherever I am–sitting with her on the floor, on the couch, in the kitchen–opening and closing her fist. “You want milk, baby?” “Mih,” she says, continuing to sign. I pull her into my lap and pull down my shirt. She leans in, and her little body relaxes into mine. *** […]

As her first birthday approaches…

I can’t help but think about our wishes to try to make baby girl a big sister. It’s complicated, of course, and not just because our three PHOIs (potential humans on ice) are back in our hometown.  There’s the fact that both Hubby and I are currently unemployed and living in a foreign country.  We […]