Yesterday I went to the OB/GYN for a regularly scheduled appointment, but I asked her to check my episiotomy scar again because I’m still having a lot of pain during sex (more on this in an upcoming post). While I was out, Missy stayed home with Hubby. It was the longest I’d been away from […]


I wanted to write a post about yoga–not the 30-day challenge I did several weeks ago, but the pretzel poses baby girl gets herself into, how flexible babies are, etc…but it would be so much cuter with photos, which a) I don’t have and b) I wouldn’t post here anyway unless you couldn’t see Missy’s […]

April Fool

I hate April Fool’s Day.  Hate it.  I’m not tricky or clever, and I don’t like it when other people try to be.  Don’t get me wrong–it was hilarious when my mom fed my brother chocolate-covered-cubes-of-wax.  But any scenario involving me as the butt of the joke?  No, thanks.  I managed to muddle through yesterday […]