A few weeks ago, the church where I spent a good chunk of the early years of my life was destroyed in a fire.  I saw the news on Facebook and was surprised by how affected I was. (Source) The images are shocking, but more than that, the memories of my childhood there came flooding […]


Nothing irritates me more than when some (well-intentioned?) religious nut-job zealot person implies or flat-out says that infertility is part of god’s plan.  That there’s some sort of lesson to be learned from suffering, or you’re meant to adopt or live child-free.  There’s a reason I don’t believe in any kind of god who would […]

Awkward Conversations and Loving-Kindness

I’ve been thinking a lot about my reaction to D’s pregnancy news and how I might respond to her if/when she ever called me as she promised she would.  One weekend passed.  Then another.  And another. Today, one month after our last conversation, she called.  I answered before I even realized who was calling.  And […]

(Not the May) Poem

The latest assignment from Mel’s MFA Sunday School is to write a sestina.  The rules are simple, but the task is incredibly difficult.  I’m working on it.  I’ve written one before, though, and since I’ve been writing a bit more about my relationship with Hubby, I thought I’d share my one successful sestina (still untitled) here: We drove east, past […]