As I write this, Hubby is on a plane, headed to his home country.* His uncle died on Friday. His father’s only brother, the one who never married, never had children of his own, who spoiled his nephews and their children instead. The one whose generosity, in part, allowed us to complete a second cycle […]


When I was young, I had sort of ambivalent feelings about the month of April.  The only redeeming factor of the first of the month was seeing my older brothers get pranked by my mom (chocolate covered squares of wax, anyone?), but I was terrified to be made the butt of someone else’s joke.  Easter […]

Oh. This.

Ask a loaded question, get a loaded answer. Hubby’s dad passed away today. We’re headed back to his home country tonight for the funeral and whatever other arrangements need to be made. At least, we keep telling ourselves, he got to see baby girl before it was too late. And on the back of that […]