Not My Fault

According to Dr. C, nothing about our failed cycle can be chalked up to poor egg quality or ute problems.  He proclaimed that he’s more thorough than most when it comes to checking out the lady bits pre-IVF to ensure he knows what he’s working with.  That the only thing he’d do differently is start […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: Four!

It’s official.  Our first IVF has now become (hopefully) our first FET.  We have four frozen embryos.  Which begs the question, what do I call these little boogers?  Frosties?  Snow Babies?  Totsicles?  Fro-yos?  It’s all been done before. I have a few ideas, but I need your help, dear readers.  You, after all, are the […]

The Waiting

Is killing me. Not actually the waiting so much as the not-knowing.  I have no idea how our embryos are doing. Apparently, when you plan to do a 5- or 6-day transfer, our clinic doesn’t give any updates on day 3.  They check to make sure at least some of the embryos are still dividing, […]