That’s today’s beta. Hubby convinced me to pee on something last night so we could get the results together.  I didn’t want to.  I was perfectly content inside our little bubble of hope and possibility.  Where I might be pregnant.  Where this cycle could have worked.  Knowing would send me into a tailspin of either […]

Shits and Giggles

Yes, this is a post about poop.  Well, partly. I’ve never been exactly “regular.”  I’ll go days without pooping even without injecting myself full of hormones.  Constipation and I are not exactly friends, but we’re well acquainted. The past week has been above and beyond my normal discomfort.  After days and days of struggling (thanks […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: Rule of three?

Hubby has an interview scheduled for Monday.  It will be his third such interview for an academic job since April.  (And his first since the heartbreaking “My academic career is over” comment.)  It’s for a one-year position on the opposite side of the country. As he tends to do, Hubby is already thinking about how […]

And then there were…

Three! Holy cow, you guys.  I can’t believe we have three blasts in the freezer. After all my negativity, I was hoping for one, maybe two.  But obviously the mantra you all kept repeating to me–Quality, not quantity–was really true in this case.  So thank you for that. Hubby made the call, and he said […]

Transfer #2

I am pecking this out with one finger while trying to remain as horizontal as possible and keep my laptop far from my uterus.  It’s going to be quick, but I’ll go into more details later. At approximately 10:15 this morning, we transferred 3 grade 1 embryos into my uterus (10, 8, and 5 cells). […]