Au revoir, Montreal

***I actually wrote this yesterday but didn’t get a chance to hit publish. As I do so now, I’m sitting in a train station in Birmingham, waiting for the train that will take us to our final destination, right next to Hubby and with a sleeping Missy strapped to my chest.*** I wanted to write […]

If you’re considering taking your child to an international sporting event…

Don’t. Just don’t. Especially if it’s in a dome. Especially if it’s past her bedtime. Okay, fine. If you insist. But here are some handy tips based on our recent experience: DO use ear protection for both yourself and your child. Stadiums are loud, especially when the vast majority of the crowd is rooting for […]

Happenings (and not-happenings) #MicroblogMondays

After a 2-week hiatus, bullet points seem about right: My last post should have been called “When it seems to be working…”, which leaves room for the current uncertainty we find ourselves in. Hubby never heard back about the Nebraska job, so no on-campus interview there. He’s since had phone or Skype interviews for two […]

Parc Snowdon #MicroblogMondays

One thing I enjoy about Montreal is that, when it’s actually green, there’s an abundance of green space. There are several parks within walking distance of our apartment. Some are big, consisting of multiple play areas, dog parks, and soccer fields, while others are teeny tiny. I recently discovered (or noticed, now that the weather’s […]


“Quel curieux,” the woman said, tilting her head slightly and smiling, first at baby girl, then at me. “Curieux ou curieuse?” she asked. “Curieuse,” I informed her. It wasn’t the first time in baby girl’s short life someone had mistaken her for a boy (and it wouldn’t be the last). Nor was it the first […]


There’s a certain TV show Hubby and I have been watching lately. It’s a spinoff of another very popular show about everyone’s favorite chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook-extraordinaire. Both shows were filmed in my chosen hometown (though they make it appear seedier than it actually is), the city where Hubby and I met, fell in love, got married, and […]