The Signs

Everything else has gone wrong lately–my dad losing his job, Hubby’s dad in the hospital, whatever weird illness is happening with my sister, yet another rejection in Hubby’s job search–surely, this one thing has to go right. I’m bleeding.  I started bleeding three full days before taking my last BCP.  Shit.  That’s not good. It’s […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: We are stronger than we think

Yesterday, I attended a training for work.  The topic was infant mental health, and this particular training focused on trauma.  Specifically, trauma experienced by mothers and how that affects their relationships and attachment with their babies.  As an introduction, the presenter showed us this film.  I’m going to give you the warning the presenter did […]

The Good

This weekend wasn’t all wallowing and reliving the loss of my mother (although there was enough of that).  There were some moments that were good, that made me smile, and occasionally even laugh. All of your kind words and virtual hugs helped me make it through a difficult day.  I don’t know that words exist […]

Yesterday, Tomorrow

Yesterday was Christmas.  Hubby gave me a book (Bossypants, by Tina Fey–unwrapped).  (I guess we both broke the no-presents rule.)  He said the duck was “amazing.”  Still, it didn’t feel like a holiday.  All the skyping with my family had been done the night before.  I played Christmas music, but still couldn’t quite get into […]