The Exception

Last Friday, as I sat with monitors strapped to my belly for my latest NST, the nurse popped in and out of our little curtained-off cubicle.  During one such pop-in, she asked who my doctor was.  When I told her, she responded, “Huh.  I’m surprised.” I knew exactly what she meant.  I think I mentioned […]

Last Look

I had an ultrasound today.  I wasn’t expecting to have another ultrasound, but my new doctor wanted to know the location of the placenta, which was not included in my medical records from the US (in fact, there was no information at all from my last u/s at 18 weeks 5 days).  But also to […]


Yup.  It’s still in full force here. After a practically balmy weekend, where the temperature managed to climb (barely) above freezing two days in a row, the day of my long-awaited OB appointment, we were hit with this: Hubby and I walked to the metro station near our apartment in a light flurry.  It was […]


This is the magic word when it comes to finding an OB with a smidge over three weeks until my due date. My appointment at the walk-in clinic was at 11:00 this morning.  Which meant that it was just after 12 before the nurse called me back.  Hubby went with me, and I explained the […]