Perks and Quirks

We knew we weren’t going to get everything we wanted in our price range when we started looking for apartments here.  We’ve had to compromise and make sacrifices (like in-unit laundry!).  The building we’re in is old, and with that comes both charm and other “character.” perk: The large picture window in the living room […]


Hubby is notoriously bad at reacclimating to our current time zone after traveling to and from his home country.  He blames jet lag for his poor sleep for weeks, going to bed and waking up at odd hours, taking long naps, and generally feeling groggy in between.  He’s envious of my ability to arrive after […]

What’s so great about flying by the seat of your pants, anyway?

Thanks, everyone, for your helpful suggestions.  I was able to get myself moving a bit, starting in the bathroom, the smallest room in the house.  Once I got going and was feeling motivated, I was even able to do a little yoga, something I’ve been having a hard time making myself do since our crowded […]

Start Somewhere

I have family coming to town in three weeks.  And while they’re not staying at my house, they will, at some point, set foot inside it, so I’ve been stressed about cleaning.  It’s not that my house is dirty messy (okay, maybe a little), more cluttered messy because we have too much stuff and not […]