Are you effing kidding me?!?

I have beautifully crafted, elegantly worded posts cluttering up my head that have not made it as far as the keyboard, let alone to this space. But instead, I’m angrily tapping out this little gem on my phone while, ironically enough, baby girl nibbles at my breast. Ironic because, after a much-needed nap (mine–baby girl […]

Moving Day! (Part 1)

So.  We officially took over the lease on our new apartment on Saturday.  Only, the previous tenants still had all their stuff there.  It was a bit awkward there for a while, with JP moving out Saturday afternoon and his roommate, D, moving out Saturday evening and well into Sunday. The whole process was last-minute […]

Spoke too soon?

So, Hubby’s conversation with his future boss yesterday did not go as we thought.  The professor still wants Hubby to start work as soon as possible, but it seems like he expects him to do that work for free. Are you fucking shitting me? My husband is a nice guy.  Perhaps too nice, too willing […]

Awkward Conversations and Loving-Kindness

I’ve been thinking a lot about my reaction to D’s pregnancy news and how I might respond to her if/when she ever called me as she promised she would.  One weekend passed.  Then another.  And another. Today, one month after our last conversation, she called.  I answered before I even realized who was calling.  And […]