Happy Thoughts Thursday: Four Day Weekend!!!

*Pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, blah, blah, blah.  You’ve been warned.* I am so excited to have four straight days to relax and try to recover some energy this weekend.  When I originally proposed this idea to Hubby, he wanted to drive to a neighboring state to visit a national park, but after seeing how exhausted […]


Nothing irritates me more than when some (well-intentioned?) religious nut-job zealot person implies or flat-out says that infertility is part of god’s plan.  That there’s some sort of lesson to be learned from suffering, or you’re meant to adopt or live child-free.  There’s a reason I don’t believe in any kind of god who would […]


Even now, on the verge of the best possible chance we’ve ever had, the idea of being pregnant seems like an impossible dream.*  The rocky start to this cycle isn’t helping matters.  I can’t seem to envision a happy ending, at least, not without stumbling over several hurdles first.  Some of these are fears I […]

My Thoughts on an Early Death

Recently, Danish researchers proposed that not having children may shorten your life.  Specifically, that going through IVF and coming out the other side without children, whether biological or adopted, makes you 2-4 times more likely to die an early death.  They looked at over 21,000 couples who were pursuing fertility treatments.  These couples wanted children, […]


So, remember a few days ago, when I was all giddy at the possibility of Hubby getting a backup job, just in case nothing better comes along?  Well, we better hope something better comes along because the backup ain’t happenin’.  Which he tells me as we’re rushing out the door for our appointment with Dr. […]