If you’re considering taking your child to an international sporting event…

Don’t. Just don’t. Especially if it’s in a dome. Especially if it’s past her bedtime. Okay, fine. If you insist. But here are some handy tips based on our recent experience: DO use ear protection for both yourself and your child. Stadiums are loud, especially when the vast majority of the crowd is rooting for […]

Big News Day

Headline #1: The dismantling of DOMA.  About damn time. Headline #2: Federer out in the second round at Wimbledon.  Honestly, after Nadal lost in the first round, I stopped caring. Headline #3: NFL star charged with murder.  Is it sad that I’m no longer surprised by things like this? Headline #4: After flawless baseline, we’re […]


So, that thing I was hinting could happen in this post?  Apparently has happened.  My 76-year-old father has been laid off. And, as I feared, Zappa has had to help him pick up the pieces.  She assisted him with his online unemployment application yesterday, and then called me to commiserate.  Unless a miracle happens, no […]

Getting back to normal–whatever that is.

I’m still exhausted.  I still feel like I’m getting sick.  I did nothing all weekend, actually felt fine yesterday, and today I’ve been sneezing, my throat hurts, and I feel generally bleh. But mentally?  Much better. I think Cristy had a point about the hormone crash (see comments).  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself […]

Happy Talk

I hope I’ve gotten that song from South Pacific stuck in a few heads, as it’s been stuck in mine for the last 24-or-so hours. I’ve noticed around the blogiverse that people occasionally do posts entitled “Thankful Thursdays.”  This is not that, exactly, but this positive thinking shit seems to be working out, so we’re […]