This is the magic word when it comes to finding an OB with a smidge over three weeks until my due date. My appointment at the walk-in clinic was at 11:00 this morning.  Which meant that it was just after 12 before the nurse called me back.  Hubby went with me, and I explained the […]

Moving Day! (Part 2)

I woke up Wednesday morning–moving day–with a sore throat.  I’d been feeling it coming on all day Tuesday, and kept telling Hubby I was getting his cold, the existence of which he vehemently denies (still).  Other than that, I had actually slept better than I thought I would.  Hubby, apparently, did not. Since we had […]

Moving Day! (Part 1)

So.  We officially took over the lease on our new apartment on Saturday.  Only, the previous tenants still had all their stuff there.  It was a bit awkward there for a while, with JP moving out Saturday afternoon and his roommate, D, moving out Saturday evening and well into Sunday. The whole process was last-minute […]

One Month

That’s how long Hubby and I have to prepare for Thumper’s arrival.  Assuming she waits until her due date.  (And, please, little Thumper, a week or two late is just fine, too.) With all the commotion of moving, I haven’t been thinking much about the next few weeks.  We still have a lot to do […]

Decisions and Deal-breakers

When Hubby first started internet-dating, he had a very specific list of deal-breakers, regardless of how nice/charming/sexy a prospective date might be: no facial piercings (other than ears), no visible tattoos, nothing too weird or too “flashy.”  Good thing I’m totally plain-looking, I guess. When it comes to finding a place to live, he also […]

Almost There

We’re officially in Canada!! We crossed the border this morning, turned in all our paperwork to make it official, and spent a lovely afternoon with a nice Canadian couple, one of Hubby’s advisors on his dissertation and his wife. We’ve stopped for the night just outside Toronto, so we still have quite a drive ahead […]