Doing it wrong #MicroblogMondays

Ever have one of those days when you second-guess every parenting decision you’ve ever made?

  • On potty-training (or lack thereof): the medication that was supposed to make pooping easier only contributes to a) my daughter’s tendency to hold it in–which is proving to be a near-impossible feat of both physical strength and iron will at this point, given the consistency–and b) the raw and bleeding diaper rash that got her sent home from preschool.
  • On extended breastfeeding: the highly anticipated dreaded dropping of the nap time feed turns out to go much more smoothly than expected. Could I have done this months ago?
  • On sleeping through the night: Ha! My nearly-three-year-old continues to wake with the frequency of a newborn, prompting mommy to climb into bed with her out of desperation/exhaustion, thus continuing the vicious cycle.
  • On attempting number 2?: too many thoughts on this. I. just. can’t.

Could be worse, I guess.

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I Could Be Writing

I could be writing, but the scale model of the Himalayas in my kitchen isn’t going to wash itself.

I could be writing, but the laundry.

I could be writing, but I want to finish knitting this scarf for Missy (the one I’ve started and re-started three times already).

I could be writing, but she wants me to play grocery store with her and the new cash register she got for Christmas.

I could be writing, but I’m just. so. tired.

I could be writing, but Hubby wants to watch a movie.

I could be writing, but the toy box has exploded all over the living room.

I could be writing, but I should probably make more of an effort to get my daughter outside while it’s not raining.

I could be writing, but watching tv takes far less energy.

I could be writing, but I’m pretty sure my family’s going to want dinner sometime this evening.

I could be writing, but I need to do those exercises the physiotherapist said would help my back.

I could be writing, but I have to vacuum while Missy is out of the house at preschool.

I could be writing, but first I should check to see if there are any new job listings anywhere near my area of expertise.

I could be writing a blog post, but that means I need to catch up with reading everyone else’s blog posts, and that’ll take ages.

I could be writing in my designated space, but it’s still housing multiple half-unpacked boxes, including the ones for Christmas decorations, which I should think about taking down…

I could be writing, but…I’m out of excuses.

I started an update on Missy months ago, but never seem to finish it. I’ve been emailing my friend Sincerity lately, and she’s investing so much time and energy into her own writing, even considering an MFA. Someone recently asked me what I do for recreation, and I couldn’t come up with an answer. The words “I used to write” keep interrupting my thoughts, taunting and tormenting me.

Don’t call it a new year’s resolution. I never was good at sticking with those. Instead, call it an awareness of an absence in my life. A hole that used to be filled with scribbling and rearranging words on a page. A crisis (?) of identity that stems from more than the excuses that I don’t have the time anymore. 

It’s possible to be a mother and a writer. Well, maybe not a “writer,” but certainly someone who writes, at least on occasion. Even when my daughter is still so young, so dependent on me, such a poor sleeper (still) that it keeps me from sleeping, too?

There’s only one way to find out….

A due date of a different kind #MicroblogMondays

Our frozen embryos left our old RE’s new clinic on Friday. They are due to arrive at our new clinic here in the UK sometime today. Finally. We’re not planning to do our FET until early next year, but I’ll be so relieved to know they’ve arrived safely at their (our) new home.
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“Want do it by yourself!” 

Okay, so maybe she hasn’t mastered personal pronouns, but the girl sure knows what she wants. She is fiercely, stubbornly independent. In the grocery store (Want hold basket by yourself!), coming home from the park (Want push it [the stroller] by yourself!), brushing her teeth (Can Mommy help you? No! Do it by yourself!). There’s no reasoning with her. Usually I just have to let her try until she gets frustrated and asks for help. Which can take a surprisingly long time. If only I could help her harness these powers for good…”Hey, bug, can Mommy help you vacuum/wash the dishes/scrub the toilet?” “No! Do it by yourself!” Ha ha ha.


Last Tuesday, I spent the majority of the evening stressed out over an email exchange with the embryologist at our old RE’s office. It went something like this:

Embryologist: So, I really need to send some test results to your new clinic, but I can’t find them. Do you happen to have a copy?

Me: Uh, no. Are they not in the chart? Or can you check with XYZ Labs?

E: Yeah, well, that’s the thing. I don’t have your chart, and Dr. C doesn’t have your chart. I tried contacting Dr. T’s office [Dr. C’s former partner], but no luck there, either. Maybe you’d have better luck if you contacted them yourself?

So I spent a few minutes fuming, indignant that they’d somehow lost my chart while moving offices. Then I calculated the time difference and used Skype to call Dr. T’s office.

Me: Hi, I’m a former patient of Dr. C’s. We’re trying to transport our embryos to Wales, but they need a test result that they can’t seem to find, and they thought maybe it was in a copy of my chart at your office?

Receptionist: We don’t have any of Dr. C’s patient charts.

Me: Oh. Well there was some mention of a storage facility. Any chance it’s there?

R: None of Dr. C’s charts are in our storage. Let me just check to make sure you were actually Dr. C’s patient. (tap tap tappity tap) Yeah, no. We don’t have your chart.

Yeah. So, more silent cursing, and then a call to Dr. C’s office.

Me: Hi. I’m a former patient of Dr. C’s…blah blah blah…transporting embryos…blah blah blah….There seems to be some confusion about the location of my chart…?

Super-efficient receptionist: Let me just check to see whether it’s here in the office or in storage. (tappity tap tap) Yes, it’s here. I’ll just pull it and get it to the embryologist.

Not five minutes later, I get an email.

Embryologist: A miracle has happened! Someone just brought me your chart. What?!

Me: Yeah, I just called to make sure it was there. I hope you find what you need.

E: I still can’t even believe your chart just appeared out of thin air! I’ll send these results right away.

What’s that saying about wanting something done right? Yeah, even from effing Wales, apparently.


On a brighter note, our play date with K and E was awesome. I had hoped to bring them gifts (for both E and her soon-to-be baby sister), but by the time I figured out just what that would be, I ran out of time to finish before that Sunday afternoon. 

Since I had recently found out they were having another girl, I wasn’t sure exactly what they’d need. Surely they’d have clothes and things, and they use cloth diapers, so they wouldn’t need those, either. Then I thought of making them something myself. I remembered seeing a pattern for a bunny made from a simple knit square (just google it and you’ll find a million how-to’s). I decided to make a bigger one for E and a smaller one for the baby. I even managed to put a rattle inside. I’m so stoked to give them to K and E next time we see them!


I started this post well before last Friday’s sad news, but guess what? I’ve been solo parenting all week again. I’m not exactly resentful of my husband for leaving (this time–not so the multiple other times over the summer he was gone for days at a time to attend one conference or another). It’s not so different from what I do all day while he’s at work, anyway. And it’s not too bad–except when it is. Like when my daughter is screaming and desperately trying to buck herself out of the stroller while I’m pushing it uphill through the middle of town just to get us to the park so she can run around a while–which you’d think she’d be happy about! Or when she’s exhausted but refuses to stay in bed and makes increasingly ridiculous requests demands, like that she has to have the tissue with the puppies on it and only the penguin hand puppet is allowed to wipe her nose. Or when it’s been raining for two days straight and we’re both going crazy and getting a little sick of being cooped up together, and Mommy resorts to googling kids dance videos just to get her moving.

Only two more days to go….


As I write this, Hubby is on a plane, headed to his home country.*

His uncle died on Friday.

His father’s only brother, the one who never married, never had children of his own, who spoiled his nephews and their children instead.

The one whose generosity, in part, allowed us to complete a second cycle of IVF, which resulted in our daughter. Before he even met her in person, he said, “Never have I invested so little and gotten so much.” That investment might give her a sibling, too, and he’ll never know.

He was 87. He lived a long life, with friends and hobbies that kept his mind sharp. It was his body that couldn’t quite keep up.

When I put Missy to bed tonight, after trying to explain why we’d been missing Aba, why we’d all been sad, in a way her 2-year-old brain could comprehend, she kept repeating, “T. died. Aba saying bye to T.” And even though we had decided it would be better for him to go by himself, rather than subject Missy to a long day of travel and a disrupted schedule, just to turn around a few days later and do it again, I wished we had gone with him. Not that being there would help her understand, but at least we’d be able to process it together.

*I started writing this Sunday night. But we were right to keep Missy home. He said he’d only gotten two hours of sleep on the plane (and that was after a five-hour trip, via train and underground, to even get to the airport).

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Happy Thoughts Thursday: End-of-the-week blahs

I know my last post was a bit of a downer. That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling lately, for no good reason. I think it’s partly just being in limbo again. Partly it’s the boredom of this summer. So I’m trying to remember that, contrary to what I might be feeling, some things are going right. (And here we go with more bullets.)

  • Hubby is buying a bike with a child seat installed on the back, and he’s so excited to take Missy for a ride. She’s pretty excited, too, and was thrilled to choose her own helmet.
  • We have a play date! After months of trying and failing to pin down a date with our first friends here, K and her daughter E, we finally have plans to meet up on Sunday! Yay! This might be our last chance to catch up before the arrival of daughter #2, due next month (via surrogate).
  • My sister had hoped to make a trip to Wales in September, but before she could buy a plane ticket, she was in a car accident. She’s okay, but the money she would have spent on her trip is now going to pay the ticket she got and the deductible on her insurance. BUT–she’s more determined than ever to make the trip happen, hopefully in January or February.
  • We received part of the money we were waiting for, and I have officially accepted the quote the shipping company gave us for transporting the embryos. The two clinics have already been in touch and are hopefully finalizing details to ensure clinic A meets clinic B’s standards so that they can accept the embryos. It finally feels like things are moving forward.
  • Missy is just so much fun these days. Her imagination is amazing, her languages are coming right along, and she knows ALL THE SONGS (not that you’d be able to tell because she still whispers them). And–I don’t want to jinx anything here–she’s been sleeping so. much. better. Like, 9-10 hours straight. It’s awesome.

If anyone is still reading this late in the week, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! It’s actually supposed to be sunny and warm here, so we’ll be getting out to enjoy it!

Must…click…post. #MicroblogMondays

Four weeks since my last post. I knew it had been a while, but jeez. I’ve been sort of floating in limbo again. In no particular order, the things I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t:

  • My decision to very gradually wean Missy. If she’s fully weaned by the time we’re ready for our FET, great. If not, the drugs I’ll have to take might do the trick (by decreasing my supply and/or changing the flavor of my milk–there’s no reason to believe they’d actually do her any harm). By then, she’ll be at least two-and-a-half, so I won’t be able to blame myself for cutting our breastfeeding relationship short, whether or not our attempts result in a second child.
  • I may or may not be able to start working in September. All of my references have finally come through, but one of the childcare centers here recently closed, so I might not have anywhere to take Missy while I am (still hypothetically, at this point) working because the remaining options have all filled up.
  • Things have been progressing on the embryo transport front, but we’re still nowhere near getting a shipping date. There’s a long list of criteria our old clinic needs to prove they’ve met before our new clinic will be able to approve the transport, plus we’re still waiting for the money Hubby is transferring from an account in his home country so we can pay for it.
  • I’ve been making efforts to get my body ready to house another human again. I’ve cut way down on my sugar intake and have started doing yoga again. I wish I could say I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels, but I’m still just tired all the time. And my back hurts.
  • The schools are on summer break, which means all of the family/toddler activities we normally do during the week are also taking a break. We’ve been going to the park or the beach, as long as the weather’s nice, but haven’t had a proper play date since the end of the term. I have numbers in my phone I could text, but I don’t. We’ve lived here ten months, but there’s no one I see or talk to on a regular basis (outside of organized groups). I’ve always known it, but I really suck at making friends.

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Knowns and Unknowns #MicroblogMondays

What we know after the consultation at our new fertility clinic here last week:

  • We have the option of doing a “natural” or medicated FET
  • Our new RE has said the decision to wean or continue breastfeeding is up to me
  • Coordinating the transatlantic shipping of frozen embryos is tricky enough; doing it between a newly-established practice (which our previous RE opened this month) and a clinic that’s a 5-hour train ride away really sucks
  • Train service in rural Wales is spotty at best, which means we should expect at least part of all future trips to actually happen by bus, if at all
  • Our next appointment is in September, by which time we’re hoping our embryos will have arrived but have no plan for actually doing the transfer

What we still don’t know:

  • What happened to the blood work results that were supposedly sent from my GP but never arrived
  • When we can expect our cryo-kids to arrive
  • How to coordinate among the old (new) clinic, the new clinic, and the shipping company
  • Whether to push weaning or attempt an FET while continuing to breastfeed my two-year-old, who is nowhere near self-weaning

I left feeling confused and disappointed, partly because we still don’t have a plan, and I’m not even sure who’s responsible for each missing piece of the non-plan. Partly because I was hoping this appointment would kick the ambivalence I’ve been feeling about trying for a second child squarely in the arse. But it didn’t.
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That Kid #MicroblogMondays

See that kid? The one who nearly always smells like poo? The one with dark circles under her eyes? The one with greasy hair?

She’s mine.

I’ll be honest: I used to judge those parents who would say, “I can’t make him X, Y, or Z.” I used to comment to my coworkers, “Come on, who’s the parent here?” I used to vow that would never be me.

That was before I had a sensitive and stubborn child of my own. Who is so self-conscious about pooping that she held it in, requiring medical intervention and a laxative that makes holding it impossible, as hard as she still tries. Who fights sleep for up to two hours every. single. night. Who was so traumatized by pooping in the shower that she now refuses to bathe (without an intense struggle, anyway–including many, many tears). 

She’s mine. And as hard and frustrating and exhausting as it is sometimes, I wouldn’t change her for anything.
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The Longest Days

*Poop-related post. Just sayin…*

Summer is officially here. And though the days are beginning to shorten, they’re still plenty long. Sunrise was at 4:56 this morning, and it won’t set until 9:34 tonight. The sky stays light until after 11. The blackout shade in my daughter’s room means she might sleep until 5:30 if I’m very lucky, and it still takes her an hour (on average–it could be anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours) to fall asleep each night.

Regardless of daylight hours, the past week has seemed even longer. I took Missy to the doctor last Friday to see if there was something I could give her to make pooping easier. She’d been holding it in, pacing and terrified to go, until she couldn’t hold it any longer–three, four, up to six days since her previous bowel movement. The poops were hard and difficult to pass after all that time, which I thought was contributing to her anxiety about going. That and her major freak out when she pooped in the shower…twice.

So the nurse practitioner prescribed a laxative. I started out giving her the lowest dose, and it seemed to work. Her poop was softer, but the first full day on the medication, she kept having small, squishy poos, like she was still trying to hold it in but couldn’t quite manage. And she was having several of them a day. Which gave her a horrific rash and woke her up every 15-20 minutes for the first two hours she tried to sleep that night. The rash made wiping painful, which only added to her anxiety, and soon even getting undressed to change into pj’s became a battle. She gets all worked up, cries, pushes away my hands, and flees. It’s hard on me because it makes even the simplest things, like bathing or getting out of the house, nearly impossible, but it’s so much worse on her. My poor baby. I feel so bad for her, and I’m powerless to stop the oozing poo or heal her rash immediately.

When we went back to the nurse today, she recommended increasing the dosage of the laxative, at least until she has a proper poop. She also gave us a cream that should aid in healing her angry red bum, but I’m afraid it won’t happen quickly enough.

And on top of all of this, Hubby has been gone the last two days. He returns tonight, only to turn around and leave again on Monday for a five-day conference. So I’ve been trying to manage a crabby, uncomfortable, traumatized two-year-old on my own, and if the issue isn’t resolved soon, I’ll be doing it again all next week. I hate seeing my little girl in pain, panicked, trembling. I hate that all the comfort I can give isn’t enough. Nothing about that changes when he’s home, except that he feels it, too. Which somehow makes it easier.