And then there were…

Three! Holy cow, you guys.  I can’t believe we have three blasts in the freezer. After all my negativity, I was hoping for one, maybe two.  But obviously the mantra you all kept repeating to me–Quality, not quantity–was really true in this case.  So thank you for that. Hubby made the call, and he said […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: We are stronger than we think

Yesterday, I attended a training for work.  The topic was infant mental health, and this particular training focused on trauma.  Specifically, trauma experienced by mothers and how that affects their relationships and attachment with their babies.  As an introduction, the presenter showed us this film.  I’m going to give you the warning the presenter did […]

My Post-IVF Body

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you! to everyone who offered to send me your leftover meds.  I appreciate the generosity of this community more than I can say.  The foreign doctor has apparently had a change of heart and is willing to at least give us an appointment, so we’ll see if […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: Better at Sad

Being happy doesn’t seem to come naturally to me.  I have to work a lot harder to maintain a positive attitude.  The exact opposite of my husband.  Dr. N actually asked me today if I was upset that Hubby didn’t seem to share my grief.  Uh, no.  He’s allowed to grieve in his own way. […]

Mourning & Moping

Saturday 6:39 pm I haven’t brushed my teeth today.  I’m still in my pajamas.  I refuse to leave the house. I haven’t felt this way since my mom died.  The same raw, always-on-the-verge-of-tears feeling that set in immediately after hearing the news, even though I was half-expecting it, and didn’t leave for days. In the […]

Calm Before the…Something

I wouldn’t call it a storm, exactly, but something is brewing.  Since the end of last week, when I cried, freaked out, vented, and was given some amazing advice from all of you, I’ve been feeling better.  More hopeful.  And even a little bit excited.  Our big day is almost here! And I want to […]