Happenings (and not-happenings) #MicroblogMondays

After a 2-week hiatus, bullet points seem about right: My last post should have been called “When it seems to be working…”, which leaves room for the current uncertainty we find ourselves in. Hubby never heard back about the Nebraska job, so no on-campus interview there. He’s since had phone or Skype interviews for two […]


I was born in a small town in southeast Nebraska and lived there until 3/4 of the way through the eighth grade. Two of my older sisters and both brothers live there, as well as three of my oldest sister’s kids, who are all in their 30s. When I was in grad school, I did […]

As her first birthday approaches…

I can’t help but think about our wishes to try to make baby girl a big sister. It’s complicated, of course, and not just because our three PHOIs (potential humans on ice) are back in our hometown.  There’s the fact that both Hubby and I are currently unemployed and living in a foreign country.  We […]


There’s a certain TV show Hubby and I have been watching lately. It’s a spinoff of another very popular show about everyone’s favorite chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook-extraordinaire. Both shows were filmed in my chosen hometown (though they make it appear seedier than it actually is), the city where Hubby and I met, fell in love, got married, and […]

Perchance to Dream #MicroblogMondays

I would kill for a 3-hour stretch of sleep right about now. Last night, baby girl’s longest was an hour and a half. Ninety minutes. More often less. I am dragging today. * In brighter news, tomorrow is the deadline for what Hubby is now referring to as his dream job. I won’t go into […]