October 2003 – meet and start dating Hubby, he soon told me about his diagnosis and 0 sperm count

May 2004 – move in with Hubby

July 2005 – get engaged

July 2006 – get married

February 2007 – even though we’re not technically ready, we go to a fertility urologist (Dr. K) to have SA and bloodwork done: still 0 sperm, low LH & FSH

the rest of 2007 to mid-2010 – nada

September 2010 – go to RE (Dr. C) to discuss options. Freak out when we hear the probable cost.

August 2011 – Hubby gets his final testosterone injection

September 2011 – finally go back to Dr. K, more bloodwork, but he immediately starts Hubby on hCG (Pregnyl) injections 2x/week, says we’ll add hMG (Menopur) in late December

December 2011 – Hubby goes back for more bloodwork and his first (medicated) SA in early December, not much change in the results, but Dr. K gives us the okay to start Menopur injections 2x/week in addition to Pregnyl 2x/week.  At the end of the month, Hubby goes home to see family and an expert urologist/andrologist (Dr. S), who completely changes the amount and frequency of his injections: Pregnyl 1500 iu 3x/week, Menopur 150 iu 3x/week

January 2012 – Start new protocol based on what Dr. S prescribed

February 2012 – HSG – tubes are clear!

March 2012 – my bloodwork came back so-so.  AMH 1.2, FSH borderline at 10.1 – Brief, intense freak-out, followed by odd calm.

April 2012 – SA scheduled for 4/13, Hubby’s bloodwork 4/14

May 2012 – met with Dr. K to get Hubby’s results: 19 sperm!  Bloodwork also looked good, testosterone and LH going up, FSH in the normal range.  Finally, good news!

June 2012 – another SA

July 2012 – get the results from Dr. K: Hubby’s sperm count is up to 150,000/ml–way more than we were expecting in such a short amount of time!

August 2012 – yet another SA.  We got the results via email just before Labor Day weekend: 700,000/ml, not quite the jump we were hoping for, but still significant improvement.

September 2012 – schedule an appointment with Dr. C, the RE.  Discuss options, one of which is IUI (although the chances are low–1-2%), which we plan for my next cycle.

October 2012 – first and only IUI, back-to-back on CD14 and CD15.  Meet with IVF coordinator “just in case,” and tentatively schedule a December/January IVF.  BFN.  Schedule hysteroscopy on next CD11, when Dr. C informs me he is indeed doing December transfers.  Reschedule IVF for November/December.

November 2012 – begin BCP.  11/28/12: baseline ultrasound.  There’s a cyst!  Get bloodwork done to see what’s going on. Bloodwork comes back normal, which means I’m not ovulating and the cyst isn’t producing any estrogen, but it’s taking up space.  Dr. C cancels the cycle.

December 2012 – back on BCP.  Baseline ultrasound 12/27/12: everything looks good!  No more cyst!  Begin stimulation medications 12/29/12.

January 2013 – stimulation gets off to a slow start; medications have to be doubled.  Retrieval 1/9/13: 13 eggs retrieved, 12 mature, 10 fertilize normally.  On day 5, no embryos have achieved blastocyst status.  They’re given one more day, which pushed genetic screening and transfer back; embryos have to be frozen on day 6.  Day 6 status: four blasts frozen.  1/30/13: results of PGS – out of four, two embryos were abnormal, one came back “no signal,” and one was perfect.  FET scheduled for 3/6/13.

March 2013 – Both embryos survived the thaw and were transferred to my uterus on 3/6.  After a perfect week spending time with my family in town, we got the results of the beta: Negative.  We’re devastated and not sure where we go from here, since we don’t have the funds or any remaining embryos to try again.

June 2013 – Since Hubby’s family had offered to help us pay for another round of IVF, we travel to his home country, where we are able to transfer money into our account and buy medications.  I begin BCPs during the trip.  Baseline u/s is scheduled for 6/26/13.

July 2013 – IVF #2.  Higher doses of Follistim and Menopur seem to result in more follicles, but retrieval on 7/10/13 yields only 11 eggs, 10 mature, 7 fertilize with ICSI.  I am devastated, but have to keep reminding myself that the cycle isn’t over.  We transfer 3 day-3 embryos on 7/13/13.  On 7/23/13 I get my first ever positive pregnancy test, with Hubby looking over my shoulder.  Beta #1: 150; Beta #2: 357.

August 2013 – 1st ultrasound at six weeks on 8/9/13.  One baby.  Heartrate:115 bpm.  We are thrilled and still a little shocked (okay, maybe that’s just me).

November 2013 – Anatomy scan at 18w5d.  Everything looks good and…it’s a girl!

February 2014 – Move to Montreal. Begin the process of navigating a totally new healthcare system at 8 months pregnant.

March 2014 – Find an OB that will take me on as a new patient. First appointment is at 37 weeks. Get all blood work redone and retake 1-hour glucose screening, which I fail. Take 3-hour test and pass.

April 2014 – As my due date approaches, new OB starts talking about induction due to my “high risk” IVF pregnancy. I refuse. At 6 days past my due date, I reluctantly agree to schedule with the hospital. When I go in for monitoring the following day, at 41 weeks, they see heart rate deceleration during a contraction and admit me. Baby girl suddenly decides she’s in a big hurry and is born a couple of hours later!

October 2015 – Move to Wales.

June 2016 – After receiving a letter from our former clinic that the doctors are splitting up, we decide we’d better hurry up and transport our embryos, find a new clinic, and make an appointment.

July 2016 – The first appointment with our new clinic officially gets the ball rolling on the international transport of our three frozen embryos, which we are told could take up to six weeks.

September 2016 – Second appointment with our new clinic, final paperwork signed, date set for transport. Days later, we are informed there would be a delay because of some of the details of our old doctor’s new clinic’s licensing, which could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to figure out.

October 2016 – Our embryos finally arrive, safe and sound, at our new clinic, awaiting our decision to begin the FET process.


4 thoughts on “When?

  1. I can’t believe I finally found a blog and hope with a similar situation as ours. My husband was also a zero sperm machine (as a result of panhypo pituitary) and with a combination of pregnyl and Bravelle for 2 years we got to the point where we were finally able to recover a few vials to freeze before going back on testosterone. I am so excited to hear that you are pregnant as it gives me more hope than I ever had before!

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