Daryl & Hubby:

I’m a Midwestern girl (38) who moved out West, met my perfect match (44), and got married.  We waited years to begin the fertility treatments we knew we’d need to achieve pregnancy, and more than two years after starting treatment, we finally welcomed our first child in April 2014.  We’re still adjusting to life as a family of three and trying our best to enjoy our new life and each other.

The white coats:

Dr. K is Hubby’s urologist here.  He specializes in fertility, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience with Hubby’s condition (actually, he has zero experience with Hubby’s condition).

Dr. S is the specialist Hubby went to see in his home country, who upped the dosage of his Menopur and changed the protocol for all his injections.  He’s a urologist and andrologist (specializing in male hormones), and he’s had other patients with Hubby’s condition and is familiar with treatment options and results.

Dr. C is the RE who will (eventually) help us get preggers.

Dr. N is my new(ish) therapist.  Still trying to figure out if she’s the right fit for me.

Family & friends:

Zappa is my little sister, who has a ten-year-old daughter.

Sincerity is my friend and fellow poet, who lives with her boyfriend but does not have kids.

D is an old college friend who has said some pretty dumb things regarding our infertility in the past.  We’ve managed to patch things up recently and are miraculously pregnant at the same time.

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