Time, Change #MicroblogMondays

We set our clocks back an hour Saturday night (even that’s different here!). Missy went to bed just after 7 pm pre-time-change. It was partly poor planning on my end because the falling back totally snuck up on me, and partly due to the fact she’d been fighting sleep like nobody’s business for two nights in a row prior to the time change, so she was exhausted. She tossed and turned a bit at 4 am and woke up for good just after 6. Last night, she was sound asleep by 6:45 and woke up again a few minutes past 6 this morning. It may not seem like it, but this is actually an improvement over when she had been sleeping and waking. Sleeping until 8 every morning might sound like a luxury, but when Aba leaves shortly after that to hike up the hill to the university, she misses him all day. It’s still not a perfect schedule, but it’s getting closer.


People keep asking me how Missy is handling all the recent changes. Honestly? She’s doing way better than either Hubby or I. She couldn’t care less that we live in an old house with scant furniture and few dishes. She doesn’t mind that the only people she knows are Mommy and Aba. Spending too much money eating out because our pots and pans are in a shipping container? Pfffft, what’s money? We have to be home all day to wait for delivery of some household necessity? Okay, that one does bother her a little because we can’t go to the park, but at least we have a yard.

Hubby and I, on the other hand, bicker about everything from choosing sheets to how much to spend on wardrobes for our closet-less house, to how we spend the few hours a day we have together as a family of three. It sucks. I know it’s a time of transition. I know we’ll all feel a lot better when this big house is filled with our own things. When we have a comfortable routine. But right now, we have none of those, and that all-too-familiar feeling of being in limbo has taken over again. I just have to keep reminding myself that this part of our move is temporary, that we will get settled, that the moms and toddlers we meet at the library storytime or the play group across the street could turn out to be lifelong friends, given enough time….

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6 thoughts on “Time, Change #MicroblogMondays

  1. Yay! For better Missy sleep! Our schedule is similar though I can manage to get D to fall back asleep until 7:30 if she is sleeping right on me.
    As for adjusting, you’re right, it’s temporary, but rough all the same. Thinking of you guys and sending lots of settled energy!

    • Well, she’s still sleeping between us and waking frequently to nurse, so I’m not jumping for joy yet. The transition to her own room and bed starts tonight (if I don’t chicken out?) and I’m expecting it to be a long one. As for everything else, thanks for your support!

  2. We’re in a similar boat. Learning first hand why moving is so stressful. Hang in there. Consider each empty moving box a win.

    • We don’t even have boxes or anything yet. Our shipment just left Canada today. Good luck with the unpacking! I’m not looking forward to that with one toddler, let alone two!

  3. Ugh. Moving. There’s a reason it is one of life’s huge stresses. Wishing you luck, and sending good vibes that it goes smoothly here on in.

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