Happy Thoughts Thursday: Four Day Weekend!!!

*Pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, blah, blah, blah.  You’ve been warned.* I am so excited to have four straight days to relax and try to recover some energy this weekend.  When I originally proposed this idea to Hubby, he wanted to drive to a neighboring state to visit a national park, but after seeing how exhausted […]


Nothing irritates me more than when some (well-intentioned?) religious nut-job zealot person implies or flat-out says that infertility is part of god’s plan.  That there’s some sort of lesson to be learned from suffering, or you’re meant to adopt or live child-free.  There’s a reason I don’t believe in any kind of god who would […]

Have you seen this?

Jimmy Fallon speaking openly about the struggles he and his wife went through to finally have their first chilld: http://www.today.com/entertainment/jimmy-fallon-reveals-awful-5-year-fertility-struggle-6C10904037 Congratulations, Jimmy and Nancy, on your beautiful baby Winnie! – – – (I’m really sorry I can’t embed the video, but WordPress doesn’t seem to let me do that.  Boo.)