As I write this, Hubby is on a plane, headed to his home country.* His uncle died on Friday. His father’s only brother, the one who never married, never had children of his own, who spoiled his nephews and their children instead. The one whose generosity, in part, allowed us to complete a second cycle […]

#MicroblogMondays: When it works…

After you get over the initial shock, followed by acceptance and deep gratitude, you start to wonder why. What’s different about this time, compared to all the others. Did you do something better, or is it just dumb luck? That’s what Hubby has been asking himself amidst the sudden onslaught of interview requests, even though […]

One down…

…Two to go. Hubby is on fire! He had a phone interview yesterday, and he has two more scheduled in the next week. For the interview he had yesterday, which he said went pretty well, he should know whether or not he’ll be invited for a campus interview by next Thursday. It’s very early. We’ve […]


We are raising baby girl bilingual. Trying to, anyway. Despite his doubts before she was born, Hubby was great about speaking to baby girl almost exclusively in his native language. When we visited his home country, his relatives were very impressed. But now that she’s begun not just to listen but to talk back, he’s […]