What’s that saying about making god laugh?

So, I walk in the door tonight, exhausted from a full day of home visits, and the first thing Hubby says to me is “Don’t quit your job yet.” Um, what? Turns out all the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in international employment and the logistics of an international move apparently take longer than a month […]


The decision on the position Hubby interviewed for this week has been postponed until Monday.  In the meantime, he’s scheduled another quasi interview for Monday morning.  It’s for a post-doc position that may or may not lead to an academic position down the road.  It’s also with someone he “knows,” which, we’re discovering, might be […]

Thoughts for Hubby

Day one of Hubby’s 2-day, last-chance, no-really-I-mean-it-this-time-there-are-no-more-academic-jobs-after-this interview is tomorrow morning.  It’s another skype interview, which poses its own challenges, but hopefully isn’t what’s prevented him from getting other jobs he’s interviewed for lately.  It’s also international, which poses specific challenges to Hubby and his accent-deciphering abilities (or lack thereof).  If you have any to […]