Today marks eight years since Hubby and I got married. I almost let it pass by without acknowledgement in this space, but it didn’t seem right to me. I’ve written just about every anniversary you can imagine here, and I couldn’t let this one be forgotten. Even though that’s how it’s felt all day. Hubby […]

All the Names

Baby girl has amassed quite the collection of nicknames and endearments in her short life.  The list below is partial (I’m sure I’m forgetting some), but I wanted to share the cuteness: Little Bunny – the name we’ve called her since about week 12 of my pregnancy Houdini – earned on her first night in […]

Transfer Day

If you have infertility, you know that a calendar is a minefield.  We have dates etched into our memories that we’d rather forget, dates that mark loss, failure, heartache.  Rare, indeed, are the days we get to celebrate. One year ago, three individual balls of cells were transferred through a catheter into my uterus.  One […]

The Third Month

Baby girl is three months old today (and exactly 13 weeks).  I can’t quite believe she’s been in our lives for a quarter of a year already.  And at the same time, it’s hard to remember what life was like before she arrived, like she’s always been a part of it. The month started off […]