Perchance to Dream #MicroblogMondays

I would kill for a 3-hour stretch of sleep right about now. Last night, baby girl’s longest was an hour and a half. Ninety minutes. More often less. I am dragging today. * In brighter news, tomorrow is the deadline for what Hubby is now referring to as his dream job. I won’t go into […]

The Exception

Last Friday, as I sat with monitors strapped to my belly for my latest NST, the nurse popped in and out of our little curtained-off cubicle.  During one such pop-in, she asked who my doctor was.  When I told her, she responded, “Huh.  I’m surprised.” I knew exactly what she meant.  I think I mentioned […]

What’s that saying about making god laugh?

So, I walk in the door tonight, exhausted from a full day of home visits, and the first thing Hubby says to me is “Don’t quit your job yet.” Um, what? Turns out all the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in international employment and the logistics of an international move apparently take longer than a month […]