Birth Story, Part 2

I’ve decided against writing this as a password-protected post.  However, names and photos will be removed after 48 hours.  If you plan to steal said photos for your own purposes, nefarious or otherwise, please don’t. 9:36 pm, Wednesday night.  Two and a half hours after arriving at labor and delivery to be monitored prior to […]

Birth Story, Part 1

My last OB appointment was on a Tuesday, one day short of 41 weeks.  I learned a few things at this appointment: 1) that I was still only dilated a fingertip, the same as I had been the week before, 2) that I was 50% effaced, 3) that baby girl’s head was “very low,” and […]

Down the rabbit hole

Once again, I’m pecking this out on my phone with baby girl sacked out on my chest. The past 10 days have both flashed by in an instant and moved slower than molasses in January (as my mother would say). It’s been rough in more ways than I could have imagined, which is saying a […]

She’s Here.

Thumper has arrived. She’s beautiful and perfect, and Hubby and I are head over heels in love with her. Her entrance into the world was somewhat dramatic and not at all what I expected, but I’ll write more about that when I’ve gotten some sleep and don’t have to chicken-peck it on my phone. Thank […]

The Exception

Last Friday, as I sat with monitors strapped to my belly for my latest NST, the nurse popped in and out of our little curtained-off cubicle.  During one such pop-in, she asked who my doctor was.  When I told her, she responded, “Huh.  I’m surprised.” I knew exactly what she meant.  I think I mentioned […]