This was supposed to be a post about my first Canadian prenatal apointment

But  it’s not.

I still haven’t seen a doctor since arriving here.  Actually, since a week before we left our former home.

Not for lack of trying.  Turns out, the first step was applying for public health insurance, which we did on Tuesday.  I was then given a letter confirming that I had applied and stating that all pregnancy-related medical care is covered during the waiting period.

So, awesome.

Except then we had movers coming on Wednesday and cable/internet on Thursday, so Friday was my first opportunity to attempt to be seen.

I went to a local clinic that accepted walk-ins, according to their website.  Only to arrive and find out that policy had been changed in June.  The receptionist gave us a list of other clinics, and we tried the one nearest our apartment.  But, according to the receptionist at that clinic, Friday was a bad day because there was only one doctor and about 25 people ahead of me.

So I made an appointment for Monday at 11, two days shy of 37 weeks.  During which I have no idea what to expect.  Will I be able to see a doctor at this clinic for the duration of my pregnancy?  Will I get a referral to an OB?  At which hospital will I be able to deliver?  Oh, and there’s still the group B strep test that I was supposed to have done at 35 weeks.

In other this-pregnancy-is-starting-to-be-no-fun news, my cold is starting to ease up now, but Thursday, for the first (and I hope only) time ever, I sneezed and peed myself a little.  Gross.

Hubby seems to think we have all the time in the world to prepare for Thumper’s arrival, but I’m starting to freak out.  She could come at any time, and I feel so unprepared.  The apartment is a disaster.  The car seat is still in a box somewhere among all the other boxes.  We never got around to attending any prenatal classes, which I suddenly fear is going to leave me totally clueless about the whole process of labor and delivery.  And apparently I can cry at the drop of a hat these days, so all of these worries have left me a teary mess.


I feel a little bit better now.

And if you want to see my latest belly shot, it’s here, moving boxes and all.

5 thoughts on “This was supposed to be a post about my first Canadian prenatal apointment

  1. Unsoliceted Ass-vice:
    Just remember that during the first three months, there’s really very little you need. Everyone makes you think you need ALL the things, but really, unpack the carseat, get some clothes, a bassinet, a few spit up rags and supplies for whatever feeding method you end up settling on. Everything else can happen as you go. If you get/buy/set up everything ahead of time you’ll end up with a whole lot of stuff you don’t need. As for prenatal classes: over rated. I didn’t use a thing from them. Just read up on the stages of labor, have hubby read up on them too, and make a deal that you’ll make sure to tell him everything you need from him and that he won’t take it personally if you curse him out. Once you’re there – the nurses/midwives will guide you through it. Taking a class won’t make it any easier/less intimidating/whatever than not taking it. You’ll make it work. I’m sure. Hang in there! You’ll be fine. 🙂

  2. I had my own freak out at 36 weeks when the crib still wasn’t set up. Once it was, I felt a million times better. We’ve got 5 days left and the car seat still isn’t installed. It will get done. Oh, and I had group b done at 36 weeks, I’m sure the doc can do it at Mondays appt. I totally understand the anxiety, but I also believe everything will work out in the end. Maybe not how you envisioned it, but what part of this journey has? 😉

  3. Wow, sounds super stressful. Don’t worry about the classes. I took a two-weekend class, and it was a complete waste of time. If you’ve done a moderate amount of reading, you know everything you need to know. If you never see a doctor and just show up at the hospital to deliver the baby, it’ll be fine.

    I would focus on finding a pediatrician, though.

  4. Don’t worry, the most important thing is to relax (I know easier said than done!). When I was induced at 35w unexpectedly due to pre-e our house was a disaster….seriously. ALL of the flooring had been ripped up due to a water leak, and new flooring was installed the day after my daughters birth! My husband was so apologetic while I was in the hospital that nothing was put together and I replied, “Are you kidding? We both survived delivery (we almost didn’t) I don’t care anything about the house.”.
    It all seems important now but it won’t later. I agree with the above – make your hubby install the car seat, make sure you have some diapers, clean onesies, swaddling blankets, pacifiers, and any feeding equipment (pump, boppy, bottles). Other than that the baby can creep anywhere – a friend of mine who had a quick adoption had her baby sleep in a drawer on the floor lined with blankets for a few weeks. Laundry baskets work too! Or if you’re like me keep the baby in your bed 🙂

    Good luck hon! I hope the dr appt helps. How frustrating and scary to be in a new place this far along in your pregnancy!

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