First haircut #MicroblogMondays

Missy got her first haircut on Friday. I was worried she’d move too much or freak out about a stranger holding scissors near her head, but she did awesome.

And now she’s got an adorable little bob and looks like a tiny little girl, all traces of baby gone. So cute, and also a little sad.


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6 thoughts on “First haircut #MicroblogMondays

  1. The first haircut is so bittersweet! I just experienced it for the first time recently myself, with my FOUR-year-old Cupcake. Still can’t bring myself to cut Skittle’s hair. But I bet Missy looks cute as can be with her new ‘do!

    • Yeah, I put it off for a while, too. With my own hair, I’m like, “who cares? It’ll grow back,” but it’s totally different when you’ve watched every centimeter of growth on your kid’s head–after half of it fell out in those first few weeks! But I am glad we (finally) did it.

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