34 weeks: Shit’s getting real

I had my 34(ish) week appointment on Monday. Because I didn’t realize that it was a school inset day (after a 2+ week holiday) when I scheduled it, Missy was with me. So she got to hear baby brother’s heartbeat (something even Hubby hasn’t done) and thought that was pretty darn cool. My belly had expanded from measuring two weeks behind (barely hugging the 10th percentile line) to measuring a week ahead (above the 90th percentile) in the span of two and a half weeks. Initially, the consultant didn’t seem too worried about it, saying she would typically send me for a glucose tolerance test, but since I’d already had (and passed) that, they’d just see how I measured at my next appointment. Then I got a call from the midwife two days later. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of two different people measuring on two different beds, but they’re sending me for a scan on Monday anyway.

I had been offered additional scans from early on, but because I’d like to think that, aside from the way this baby was conceived and eventually made its way to my uterus, I’ve had a perfectly normal pregnancy, I refused. With the exception being, of course, something like this. Although, I have to admit, I thought the issue would be that I wasn’t growing enough, not the other way around. Either way, I’m happy to have another peek at this kid.

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve felt smaller than I did the first time around, and–until recently–most people barely noticed I was pregnant at all unless I pointed it out. I totally neglected to take a comparison photo at 28 weeks, but here’s me currently, at exactly 34 weeks:

And here I was with Missy at the same time:

It’s not just my imagination, right? I’m significantly smaller now.

Anyway, aside from the possible growth issue, everything else is fine. The kid moves all the time, I feel pretty good and have been keeping fairly active, even though I’m closer to waddling than walking at this point. We now have a Moses basket in the living room, but still no place for the kid to sleep upstairs. I have a bundle of cloth diapers waiting for me at a friend’s house and a basket full of freshly washed and folded baby clothes right next to me. I still haven’t packed a hospital bag, which I should probably get around to one of these days.

My next appointment with the midwife is a home visit to discuss our birth plan in early May. To help prepare myself with my concerns and questions (mostly around making sure I get to the hospital in time to take advantage of the birthing tub), I went back and re-read Missy’s birth story. Holy shit, you guys, it was less than an hour from when the serious contractions started to when she was born. And the second labor is supposed to go faster than the first??? But Hubby is dead-set against a home birth (a planned one anyway), so I want to make sure we gave a solid plan for getting to the hospital before it’s too late.

And that includes what to do with Missy. I have a list of four or five people I can call, but my fear is that things get going in the middle of the night, and I’m not even sure you can get a taxi in this town at that time!

So. That’s my long-winded update. Hopefully there will be nothing to report on Monday, other than maybe another ultrasound picture.

4 thoughts on “34 weeks: Shit’s getting real

  1. It’s always hard to make comparisons, even between pregnancies. I had a friend who looked super tiny and yet her son was huge. Maybe your insides just have more practice with shifting around?

    Regardless, so glad things are going smoothly and you’re getting close! Very cool about having Missy at the appointment too.

    • I do think this baby’s position must be different than Missy’s was, but I’m still surprised by the sudden leap in the measurements. We’ll see what happens on Monday.

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