Throwback #MicroblogMondays

A year ago, I was joyfully anticipating the birth of my daughter, even through the craziness and stress of our recent move.  I had not yet reached my due date, but my doctor was already talking about induction, citing my “high-risk” pregnancy for no other reason than that it was the result of IVF.

Two years ago, I was wallowing in the aftermath of our first failed cycle, convinced it would be years, if ever, that we’d get an opportunity to try again.  My husband was in fix-it mode, trying his best to drag me up out of the doldrums.

Three years ago, a mere three months into blogging, I was in the midst of diligently giving Hubby his hormone injections, but we were still in the dark as to whether or not they were having any effect.  I had also started my own blood work and was less than thrilled with the results.

But look where we are now.  We have a daughter, officially a toddler now that she’s walking(!) of her own volition from place to place within the confines of our home.  She’s already proving to be quite the little chatterbox, as well, and she hasn’t even had her first birthday yet.  Looking back, things definitely took longer than I would have liked, but I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  Every needle stick, every injection, every worry, every tear, every failure, every setback was absolutely worth it to get to here.  Here is a wonderful place, filled with slobbery kisses, “mama”s, and smiles.

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8 thoughts on “Throwback #MicroblogMondays

  1. It feels miraculous when we realise whatever tough times we have gone through has reaped into the most beautiful gift and that is our little one. I have been there myself and your last lines very well summarize how I feel.

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